The client support that you can get from your website hosting company is very important, regardless if you have pre-sales questions and you aren't a customer yet, or you have a technical problem with an active account. Prompt and accurate info regarding a question or an issue will save you lots of time and efforts, not mentioning that this can often be a proof that you're ordering from a genuine web hosting provider not from a reseller. If you purchase a hosting account via a company that doesn't own its servers and it can't access them directly, it is almost certain that you will wait for a day or two to receive an answer to any kind of query, which means that your web sites may remain offline for ages. In comparison, a supplier which offers various means of communication and has a technical support crew that is available at any time will assist you to right away and help you reduce or totally avoid any downtime and possible losses.
24/7 Customer Support in Website Hosting
We provide 24/7 billing, customer and tech support for our Linux website hosting. Even if you are not our client yet and you have some questions, we can assist you in a timely manner and supply you with the necessary info, so as to give you a choice to make the best decision when you purchase a new web hosting account. We are available twenty-four seven, including weekends and holidays, and we provide multiple means of communication to contact us - phone, live chat, email messages and support tickets. For your benefit, we now have several telephone numbers worldwide, so that you are able to call the one which is closer to you. The maximum response time for your email messages and the tickets is one hour. The typical response time is around 15-20 min, so you can forget all about waiting for several days to get support for any kind of task or issue, whatever its difficulty.
24/7 Customer Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Regardless of the semi-dedicated server that you pick, you are able to take advantage of our 24/7 tech support services even on official holidays. All of your sites will be available all the time and so will we. With numerous connection options, you are able to choose the easiest way to contact us and inquire about our solutions in case you do not have an account yet, or ask for assistance in case you are already one of our customers. You're able to give us a call, have a chat with a live consultant, send an email message or open a support ticket from the Help section of the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. The previous two options have a one-hour answer time warranty, even though it rarely takes over 20 min to receive assistance regardless of the nature of the problem. With our customer and technical support services, we will be available for you when you need us, not several days after that.
24/7 Customer Support in VPS
In case you rent a Virtual Private Server through our company, you can contact us 24/7 for any server-related issue or fordifferent problems and questions associated with the pre-installed software your server is equipped with. If you haven't bought your virtual private server package yet, you are able to find out more information about our services by giving us a telephone call or by employing our live chat service. For more tech problems, you can send an e-mail message or open a ticket via your billing Control Panel and you'll receive assistance within a maximum of an hour regardless of the time of the day, even on holidays and weekends. The actual answer time in most cases does not exceed 30 minutes. If you're looking for assistance for third-party software, you'll be able to take advantage of the Managed Services upgrade that you can add to each and every VPS package and our admins will help you with any set up or troubleshooting issue you may have encountered.
24/7 Customer Support in Dedicated Hosting
We are aware how important it is to get timely support in general, let alone if you operate an entire server, that's why each and every dedicated server that we offer features 24/7 support with 1-hour response time guarantee whatever the matter. The service is free of charge for any type of difficulties with the server or the software that was installed by our admins during the setup, so you'll be able to get in touch with us as many times as you'd like, even during holidays. You could either open a support ticket from the billing section or you could send an email message, and the actual response time for either of these rarely surpasses thirty minutes since we have administrators available round the clock. If you need general information about our servers or you have any kind of billing question/issue, you can also call one of the local telephone numbers that we have on three different continents or you can employ our live chat service and speak with an agent online. For third-party software assistance, we offer you a Managed Services upgrade, which you are able to include to your server plan through your billing Control Panel.